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Auto Auction Details

Affordable Towing & Recovery has auctions once a month on the first Saturday of the month at 1pm.
Auctions are located at our Chesapeake facility at the corner of Freeman Ave and Buell St.
Our auctions are absolute meaning that every vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder.
Additionally, there are no buyers fees.
All of our auctions are conducted by Gene Daniels Auctions. Visit them for their other auctions at www.genedanielsauctions.com
If you would like to be added to our email list for updates and lists please email us at afftownorfolk@aol.com. This email address is only monitored periodically, so please do not use it if you need immediate assistance, please call 543-2372.

The next auction is  August 1, 2020.  Please see below for a list of vehicles.  

Public Auction Notice

The following vehicles will be sold at public auction on Saturday August 1, 2020 at 1:00 PM.  The auction will be held at 4107 Buell Street Chesapeake, Va. 23324.  All vehicles will be sold to the highest bidder for cash or certified funds in “AS IS” condition.  Vehicles may be added or removed prior to sale.  Sale day announcements take precedence over all others.

2006 HYUNDAI AZERA                                                                                                          KMHFC46F06A117967

2005 MITSUBISHI GALANT                                                                                                   JA3AJ26E15U037265

2003 YAMAHA WAVE RUNNER   VA 1879 BT                                                            YAMA3939F303

2006 TOYOTA SIENNA                                                                                                    5TDBA22CX6S074928

2003 SATURN ION                                                                                                                  1G8AL52F13Z105568

2000 CHRYSLER SEBRING                                                                                            4C3AU52N3YE024938

2000 CHEVROLET CAVALIER                                                                                                               1G1JC1247Y7316170

2006 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                           1N4AL11D66C182139

1993 PONTIAC SUNBIRD                                                                                                       1G2JC54T5P7541726

2002 MITSUBISHI GALANT                                                                                                   4A3AA46GX2E044619

2009 CHEVROLET HHR                                                                                                         3GNCA23BX9S514163

2003 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER                                                                                  4M2ZU86W73UJ06152

2005 PONTIAC GRAND AM                                                                                             1G2NE52E25M212027

2000 SATURN ION                                                                                                          1G8JT52F4YY628340

1994 CHRYSLER LEBARON                                                                                                   1C3EU4539RF269875

1994 CHRYSLER CONCORDE                                                                                                2C3EL56T0RH208162

1996 YAMAHA 760 JET SKI   NC-1424WA                                                                    YAML2388B696

1996 YAMAHA 760 JET SKI   VA 181 AN                                                                       YAML3747B696

1996 YAMAHA 760 JET SKI   VA 1878 BT                                                                        YAML9526D696

2000 TOYOTA SOLARA                                                                                                   2T1CF28P9YC365710

2001 FORD FOCUS                                                                                                                 1FAFP34301W154031

2003 CHEVROLET IMPALA                                                                                                   2G1WF52E439336168

2008 CHEVROLET UPLANDER                                                                                              1GNDU23W48D100454

2001 HONDA ODYSSEY                                                                                                  2HKRL18681H000961

2001 ACURA TL                                                                                                                     19UUA56781A030120

2004 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER                                                                                         3C4FY48B44T296004

1999 OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE                                                                                        1G3WH52K9XF336106

2005 FORD FOCUS                                                                                                          1FAFP34N35W221728

1999 FORD EXPEDITION                                                                                                       1FMRU1862XLA33709

2001 GMC W3500                                                                                                                    J8DB4B14417001847

1994 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS                                                                                      2MELM75W6RX691460

1998 FORD TAURUS                                                                                                              1FAFP52U4WG260295

2003 ACURA 3.5RL                                                                                                                 JH4KA96613C002637

2000 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                           1N4DL01AXYC128827

2004 BMW 325I                                                                                                                       WBAET37474NJ82907

2004 CHEVROLET IMPALA                                                                                                   2G1WF52E349382432

2005 DODGE STRATUS                                                                                                          1B3EL46J15N562909

2000 BMW 323I                                                                                                                       WBAAM3349YFP74374

1999 MERCEDES E320                                                                                                            WDBJF65H6XA929746

1997 BUICK PARK AVE                                                                                                  1G4CW52K9V4618176

2000 FORD E-150                                                                                                                    1FTRE1428YHA96256

2005 SUZUKI FORENZA                                                                                                         KL5JD56Z75K194538

2008 TOYOTA YARIS                                                                                                             JTDBT923281210701

2000 NISSAN MAXIMA                                                                                                          JN1CA31D5YT538154

2002 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                          1FMYU60E62UD37057

2001 INFINITI I30                                                                                                                   JNKCA31A81T009305            

1995 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                  1FMDU34X8SUC32769

2002 FORD FOCUS                                                                                                          1FAHP36312W106447

2007 TOYOTA CAMRY                                                                                                          4T1BE46K47U060338

2005 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX                                                                                         2G2WP542X51273445

2000 OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE                                                                                              1G3WH52H3YF195748

1998 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                          1FMZU34X0WUB25002

2001 SUBARU OUTBACK                                                                                                      4S3BH665317658881

2000 MAZDA PROTÉGÉ                                                                                                   JM1BJ222XY0241902

2006 DODGE STRATUS                                                                                                   1B3AL46R46N250587

1995 FORD RANGER                                                                                                              1FTCR15X9SPA00393            

1990 CHRYSLER 5TH AVE                                                                                               1C3XY66R2LD709580

2000 HOMEMADE TRAILER                                                                                                  WDBNG75J8YA108379

2016 SCOOTER                                                                                                                       L9NTEACB2G1004316

2018 ZHNG BINTELLI                                                                                                     LLPVGBAD3J1D21034

2010 SCOOTER                                                                                                                LHJTLB1U5ABL00205

2015 ZHNG BINTELLI                                                                                                      L5YACBPA2F1139211

2017 SUZUKI GSXR                                                                                                                JS1GX72B1H2100832

2006 HONDA MOTORCYCLE                                                                                                 JH2RC440X6M000077

1987 HONDA MOTORCYCLE                                                                                                 JH2RC1909HM303071

1986 YAMAHA MOTORCYCLE                                                                                              JYA1TE009GA001320

2000 YAMAHA MOTORCYCLE                                                                                              JYAVM01Y5YA004075

1989 MAXUM BOAT  FL 6443 PZ                                                                                     USKD04MDE989

BOAT TRAILER                                                                                                                      23014106

1986 CITATION CAMPER                                                                                                       1CNTD7725GM001452

1981 RENKEN BOAT  VA 8330 GG                                                                                 RBMVA003M81D

HOMEMADE TRAILER                                                                                                  187620

1984 FORD ECONOLINE                                                                                                        1FDKE30L9EHA07443

1988 TRAILER                                                                                                                        12UCVKR2XJ1K09480

1995 NISSAN PATHFINDER                                                                                                   JN8HD17Y5SW067805

2001 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER                                                                                                3C8FY4BB21T596434

2004 DODGE STRATUS                                                                                                   1B3EL36TX4N207070

2004 DODGE DURANGO                                                                                                        1D4HB38N54F200487

1995 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS CIERRA                                                                          1G3AJ55M4S6369440

2008 CADILLAC DTS                                                                                                             1G6KD57YX8U102807

1992 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                        1HGEG8557NL057002

2002 FORD ESCAPE                                                                                                        1FMYU04192KA71212

1995 JEEP CHEROKEE                                                                                                           1J4FX58SXSC651768

2007 DODGE DAKOTA                                                                                                           1D7HE22K77S225907

2001 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                          1FMYU70E61UB65567

2000 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                        2HGEJ6613YH584358

2003 FORD TAURUS                                                                                                       1FAFP55U03A139371

2005 CHEVROLET VENTURE                                                                                                1GNDV03E35D134518

2001 PONTIAC AZTEK                                                                                                           3G7DA03E41S509541

2006 SCION TC                                                                                                                JTKDE167960137467

1999 LINCOLN NAVIGATOR                                                                                                 5LMPU28L9XLJ07689

1998 TOYOTA CAMRY                                                                                                          4T1BF28K2WU040845

2003 SUBARU LEGACY                                                                                                         4S3BH635837304037

2002 HONDA CRV                                                                                                                  JHLRD78862C021339

2006 HYUNDAI SONATA                                                                                                       5NPEU46F86H006234

1998 GMC YUKON                                                                                                                 1GKEK13R1WJ707034

2011 CHEVROLET IMPALA                                                                                                   2G1WG5EK1B1222821

2007 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                           1N4CL21E07C233434

2007 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                                2HGFG12857H577340

2006 FORD E-250                                                                                                                    1FTNE24W06HA60436

1978 FORD F-150                                                                                                                    F15GECG0999

2007 BMW X3                                                                                                                         WBXPC93437WF28346

2006 DODGE CHARGER                                                                                                         2B3LA43RX6H475284

2006 VW JETTA                                                                                                                      3VWSF71K26M734660

2010 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                                19XFA1F84AE081801

2009 FORD FOCUS                                                                                                          1FAHP35N59W179981

1988 JEEP COMANCHE                                                                                                          1JTHS6416JT127742

2001 PONTIAC TRANS AM                                                                                            2G2FS32K112134749

2005 JEEP LIBERTY                                                                                                                1J4GL48K55W537030

2004 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                          1FMZU73K54UB28973

2000 CADILLAC DEVILLE                                                                                                     1G6KD54Y6YU288933

1997 NISSAN PATHFINDER                                                                                                   JN8AR05S6VW120804

2000 TOYOTA 4RUNNER                                                                                                       JT3HN87R0Y0296631

1993 FORD F-150                                                                                                                    1FTEF15N5PLA33857

1997 EASY LOAD TRAILER                                                                                                   1ZEAAKKB3VA008443

1975 BOSTON WHALER  VA 3419 V                                                                              BWCA7970M75B

2006 HYUNDAI TIBURON                                                                                                      KMHHM65D36U196972

2010 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                    1HGCP2F80AA176528

2012 FORD F-150                                                                                                            1FTFW1CF1CFA18572

2002 TOYOTA AVALON                                                                                                        4T1BF28B92U197766

2005 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                          1FMZU63W55UA84505

2008 DODGE CHARGER                                                                                                         2B3LA43G48H249341

2007 INFINITI M35                                                                                                                 JNKAY01F67M450642

2003 NISSAN MURANO                                                                                                         JN8AZ08TX3W102064

2003 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN                                                                                             1GNFK16Z53J165676

2004 MERCEDES CLK 500                                                                                                      WDBTJ75J94F104959

2014 INFINITI Q60                                                                                                                  JN1CV6EL1EM131137