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Auto Auction Details

Affordable Towing & Recovery usually has auctions once a month on the first Saturday of the month at 1pm.
Auctions are located at our Chesapeake facility at the corner of Freeman Ave and Buell St.
Our auctions are absolute meaning that every vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder.
Additionally, there are no buyers fees.
All of our auctions are conducted by Gene Daniels Auctions. Visit them for their other auctions at www.genedanielsauctions.com
If you would like to be added to our email list for updates and lists please email us at afftownorfolk@aol.com. This email address is only monitored periodically, so please do not use it if you need immediate assistance, please call 543-2372.

The next auction is  June 5, 2021.  Please see below for a list of vehicles:

2013 KIA SOUL                                                                                                                  KNDJT2A61D7755181

2004 PONTIAC VIBE                                                                                                       5Y2SL62864Z415282

2006 MERCURY MILAN                                                                                                 3MEFM07166R643859

2000 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                   1HGCG1657YA000327

2005 CHEVROLET CAVALIER                                                                                     1G1JC52F057205836

2005 JEEP CHEROKEE                                                                                                    1J4GR48K35C726436

2003 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                   1HGCM56363A061174

1997 BUICK SKYLARK                                                                                                   1G4NJ52M0VC447588

2007 NISSAN VERSA                                                                                                       3N1BC13E47L457939

2003 FORD FOCUS                                                                                                           3FAFP37383R168423

2004 SUZUKI VITARA                                                                                                    2S3TE62V446102085

2002 CHEVROLET MALIBU                                                                                         1G1ND52J12M663403

2004 CHEVROLET MONTE CARLO                                                                           2G1WW12E449228109

2016 ZNEN BENTELLI SCOOTER                                                                               L5YACBPA7G1116413

2017 ZHIWEI SCOOTER                                                                                                 LT4Z1NAA7HZ000839

CARGO TRAILER                                                                                                             BT8911056

2003 HYUNDAI ACCENT                                                                                               KMHCG35C83U263634

1996 FORD RANGER                                                                                                       1FTCR10A9TPA11186

2004 SATURN ION                                                                                                           1G8AL52F74Z153982

2004 CHRYSLER SEBRING                                                                                           1C3EL45X94N421027

2000 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                   1FMZU72X2YUA98480

2004 NISSAN SENTRA                                                                                                    3N1CB51D14L833971

2005 ACURA TL                                                                                                                19UUA66225A017461

2005 SCION XB                                                                                                                  JTLKT324X50191889

2000 CHEVROLET S10                                                                                                    1GCCS144XYK180050

2008 CHEVROLET MALIBU                                                                                         1G1ZH57B284276164

1995 DODGE CARAVAN                                                                                                1B4GH44R1SX529519

1999 CHRYSLER SEBRING                                                                                           3C3EL55H6XT592806

2007 DODGE CARAVAN                                                                                                2D4GP44L77R165259

2006 VOLVO V70                                                                                                              YV1SW640762592380

1999 FORD TAURUS                                                                                                        1FAFP52U1XA155346

2008 MAZDA 3                                                                                                                  JM1BK344981162751

1998 MERCEDES E430                                                                                                    WDBJF70F2WA627056

2005 NISSAN SENTRA                                                                                                    3N1CB51D25L590527

2004 CHEVROLET CAVALIER                                                                                     1G1JC52F347371783

1971 CHRYSLER BOAT OK 0011A0                                                                          390041068


2006 FORD E350                                                                                                               1FTSE34L96HA36019

1985 WINNEBAGO RV                                                                                                    1WWBB15M5FF101514

2010 NISSAN ROGUE                                                                                                      JN8AS5MT0AW07726

2005 PONTIAC G6                                                                                                            1G2ZG528154148486

2008 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                   1N4AL21EX8N403697

1999 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                  JHMCG6672XC036120

2008 DODGE CHARGER                                                                                                2B3KA43R28H323529

2006 FORD FREESTYLE                                                                                                 1FMZK02126GA00343

2005 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                    1N4AL11D65C350280

1994 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                  1FMDU34X0RUE29865

2007 HYUNDAI SONATA                                                                                               5NPEU46F17H202811

2006 CADILLAC CTS                                                                                                      1G6DP577160203648

1999 BUICK LESABRE                                                                                                    1G4HP52K0XH483331

1998 FORD TAURUS                                                                                                        1FAFP52U3WA111895

1993 FORD ECONOLINE                                                                                                1FDEE14N0PHA70995

2000 FORD WINDSTAR                                                                                                  2FMDA5344YBC32066

1992 FORD F150                                                                                                                1FTDF15N7NNB01346

2000 BUICK LESABRE                                                                                                    1G4HR54K6YU129135

2007 TOYOTA AVALON                                                                                                 4T1BK36BX7U238627

2003 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                   1HGCM66573A069582

1995 CHEVROLET CAMARO                                                                                        2G1FP22S5S2206036

2002 BUICK PARK AVENUE                                                                                         1G4CW54K024181628

1999 TOYOTA CAMRY                                                                                                   4T1BG22K6XU419192

2003 MERCEDES C240                                                                                                   WDBRF61J63F323937

2002 FORD RANGER                                                                                                       1FTYR14E12PB54473

2010 CHEVROLET EQUINOX                                                                                       2CNFLNEY4A6266946

2004 INFINITI G35                                                                                                            JNKCV51E14M105987

2000 FORD MUSTANG                                                                                                    1FAFP4047YF274469

2006 SUBARU IMPREZA                                                                                                JF1GD796X6G517363

2010 JEEP PATRIOT                                                                                                         1J4NT2GB9AD546073

2005 INFINITI G35                                                                                                            JNKCV54E55M419039

2013 JEEP WRANGLER                                                                                                   1C4AJWAG6DL530445

2004 GMC CANYON                                                                                                         1GTCS196148110342

2006 BMW Z4                                                                                                                     4USBU33586LW59127

2018 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                         SHHFK7H57JU236076

2006 BMW 525I                                                                                                                 WBANE53596CK83420