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Auto Auction Details

Affordable Towing & Recovery usually has auctions once a month on the first Saturday of the month at 1pm.
Auctions are located at our Chesapeake facility at the corner of Freeman Ave and Buell St.
Our auctions are absolute meaning that every vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder.
Additionally, there are no buyers fees.
All of our auctions are conducted by Gene Daniels Auctions. Visit them for their other auctions at www.genedanielsauctions.com
If you would like to be added to our email list for updates and lists please email us at afftownorfolk@aol.com. This email address is only monitored periodically, so please do not use it if you need immediate assistance, please call 543-2372.

The next auction is  September 5, 2020.  Below is a list of vehicles.  

1999 FORD ESCORT                                                                                                        1FAFP13P2XW186982

1998 TOYOTA CAMRY                                                                                                          4T1BG22K9WU265835

2004 FORD FOCUS                                                                                                                 1FAFP34314W103156

1995 FORD ESCORT                                                                                                               1FASP14J7SW150013

2006 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                           1N4AL11D36N425104

1999 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX                                                                                                 1G2WP12K4XF216035

1995 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                          1HGCD5632SA112877

2000 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                          1FMDU63E2YZC20355

2003 CHRYSLER SEBRING                                                                                                    1C3EL46X03N530294

2008 CHEVROLET COBALT                                                                                                   1G1AL18FX87171456

2000 VW GOLF                                                                                                                       WVWBC21J6YW731916

1996 ACURA INTEGRA                                                                                                          JH4DB7657TS001533

2001 PONTIAC GRAND AM                                                                                                   1G2NF52E11M641635

2002 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                           1N4AL11D92C155236

1997 BUICK LESABRE                                                                                                           1G4HP52K3VH586496

2007 DODGE CARAVAN                                                                                                        1D4GP24R07B210811

1997 FORD RANGER                                                                                                              1FTCR14U1VPB03979

2004 HONDA ODYSSEY                                                                                                         5FNRL18944B071975

2010 CHEVROLET COBALT                                                                                                   1G1AF5F55A7188938

2006 SATURN ION                                                                                                                  1G8AJ58F56Z110578

2004 TOYOTA COROLLA                                                                                                       1NXBR32E94Z278642

2005 CHEVROLET AVEO                                                                                                       KL1TD62635B487672

2004 NISSAN QUEST                                                                                                              5N1BV28U14N352084

2000 PONTIAC GRAND AM                                                                                                   1G2NF52T3YM799290

1995 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE                                                                                              1J4FX58SXSC651768

1997 TOYOTA RAV4                                                                                                              JT3HP10V8V0152359

2003 CHEVROLET CAVALIER                                                                                                               1G1JH52FX37284883

1997 DODGE DAKOTA                                                                                                           1B7FL26X2VS149085

2002 GMC ENVOY                                                                                                                  1GKDT13S422469602

1994 MAZDA 626                                                                                                                    1YVGE22D9R5134737

2005 FORD E250                                                                                                                      1FTRE14W75HA58452

1994 FORD THUNDERBIRD                                                                                                   1FALP6242RH150319

1999 TOYOTA CAMRY                                                                                                          4T1BG22K7XU410923

2002 VW JETTA                                                                                                                3VWSE69M52M104435

1991 DODGE B250 VAN                                                                                                         2B6HB21X0MK401674

2000 MERCEDES E320                                                                                                            WDBJF65J8YB006893

2007 SUZUKI FORENZA                                                                                                KL5JD56Z77K505372

2000 TOYOTA COROLLA                                                                                                       2T1BR12E1YC339560

2005 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE                                                                                                1G2HX52K05U105586

2007 PONTIAC TORRENT                                                                                                      2CKDL73F976247061

1993 OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88                                                                                      1G3HN53L2PH310637

2004 SAAB 93                                                                                                                   YS3FD49YX41006847

2002 ACURA TL                                                                                                                     19UUA56612A052596

1995 LEXUS GS300                                                                                                                 JT8JS47EXS0103032

2014 YAMAHA MOPED                                                                                                          RKRSA43A8EA118650

2017 SUZUKI GSXP                                                                                                                JS1GX72B1H2100832

1985 BUICK LESABRE                                                                                                           1G4BP69Y5FH859946

1999 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                          JHMCG5659XC057586

2001 FORD EXPEDITION                                                                                                       1FMPU16L71LA14144

2006 FORD MUSTANG                                                                                                           1ZVFT80NX65123504

2005 CHEVY UPLANDER                                                                                                       1GNDV23L45D281909

2001 FORD CROWN VICTORIA                                                                                             2FAFP73WX1X195533

2002 SATURN ION                                                                                                                  1G8ZN12842Z179640

1998 MERCEDES E430                                                                                                            WDBJF70F2WA627056

1989 FORD E150                                                                                                                     1FTEE14N1KHC05849

2005 CADILLAC DEVILLE                                                                                                     1G6KD54YX5U231436

2007 CHEVY UPLANDER                                                                                                       1GNDV23157D127789

2003 NISSAN PATHFINDER                                                                                                   JN8DR09X43W712251

1995 CHEVROLET CAPRICE                                                                                                  1G1BL52W0SR121889

2009 NISSAN VERSA                                                                                                              3N1BC13E19L398237

2007 CHEVROLET IMPALA                                                                                                   2G1WT55N079390609

2004 FORD ESCAPE                                                                                                                1FMCU941X5KA14116

2013 DODGE AVENGER                                                                                                         1C3CDZCB7DN680334

1998 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE                                                                                              1J4GZ58S8WC193619

1987 FORD MUSTANG                                                                                                           1FABP41A8HF138242

2007 BUICK LUCERNE                                                                                                           1G4HP57287U101742

2009 DODGE JOURNEY                                                                                                         3D4GG57V59T551990

2007 BMW X3                                                                                                                         WBXPC93437WF28346

2006 LEXUS IS250                                                                                                                  JTHCK262565003952

2013 MAZDA 5                                                                                                                JM1CW2BL1D0154253

2005 DODGE NEON                                                                                                                1B3ES56C15D232655

2004 FORD F150                                                                                                                     1FTRF14W24NC04043

2008 CHEVROLET IMPALA                                                                                                   2G1WU583189275901

2001 SUZUKI VITARA                                                                                                            JS3TX92V114104739

1995 JEEP CHEROKEE                                                                                                           1J4FJ28S8SL524341

2006 MINI COOPER                                                                                                         WMWRC33586TK15900

2003 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN                                                                                             1GNFK16Z53J165676

2005 HONDA ODYSSEY                                                                                                         5FNRL38735B065015

2000 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                                2HGEJ6615YH546050

1988 JEEP COMANCHE                                                                                                          1JTHS6416JT127742

2005 DODGE MAGNUM                                                                                                         2D8GV58205H683082

2004 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY                                                                                           SALTP19404A834542

2014 FORD FUSION                                                                                                                3FA6P0H72ER199265

2008 DODGE CHARGER                                                                                                         2B3KA43R28H214777

2006 CHEVROLET IMPALA                                                                                                   2G1WC581269262881

2008 BMW 528i                                                                                                                       WBANU53568CT07629

2007 INFINITI M35                                                                                                                 JNKAY01F67M450642

2007 BMW 525xi                                                                                                                     WBANF33507CS38692

2013 HYUNDAI ELANTRA                                                                                                     KMHDH4AE3DU685696

2002 LEXUS ES300                                                                                                                 JTHBF30G120039090

2011 GMC ACADIA                                                                                                                1GKKRNEDXBJ264870

2003 CHEVROLET SUBURBAN                                                                                             3GNFK16Z43G299676