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Vehicle Auction located at Affordable Towing in Hampton roads.

Auction Services:

  • Affordable Towing & Recovery has auctions once a month on the first Saturday of the month at 1pm.  
  • Auctions are located at our Chesapeake facility at the corner of Freeman Ave and Buell St. 
  • Our auctions are absolute meaning that every vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder. 
  • Additionally, there are no buyers fees.
  • All of our auctions are conducted by Gene Daniels Auctions.  Visit them for their other auctions at
  • If you would like to be added to our email list for updates and lists please email us at  This email address is only monitored periodically, so please do not use it if you need immediate assistance, please call 543-2372.

The following vehicles will be sold at public auction on Saturday June 3rd, 2017 at 1:00 PM.  The auction will be held at 4107 Buell Street Chesapeake, Va. 23324.  All vehicles will be sold to the highest bidder for cash or certified funds in “AS IS” condition.  Vehicles may be added or removed prior to sale.  Sale day announcements take precedence over all others.

2014 TAO TAO SCOOTER                                                                                                                    L9NTEACT1E1008198

2014 TAO TAO SCOOTER                                                                                                                    L9NTEACB1E1177709

2000 NISSAN MAXIMA                                                                                                                        JN1CA31D9YT768439

1997 DODGE NEON                                                                                                                            1B3ES27C4VD144020

1997 FORD ESCORT                                                                                                                            1FALP15PXVW127367

2002 DODGE CARAVAN                                                                                                                      2B4GP44352R759514

1999 FORD RANGER                                                                                                                             1FTYR14X0XPA58150

1999 MERCURY SABLE                                                                                                                        1MEFM58U3XA605765

1994 BUICK 3800                                                                                                                                    2G4WB55L7R1463304

1990 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                                         1HGCB7160LA049234

2002 FORD ESCORT                                                                                                                             3FAFP13P62R189508

2000 CHEVROLET CAVALIER                                                                                                             1G1JC5241Y7361614

2002 DODGE CARAVAN                                                                                                                      1B4GP24342B678524

2000 FORD WINDSTAR                                                                                                                        2FMZA5148YBA97005

1988 FORD F150                                                                                                                                   1FTDF15N5JNA30982

1996 MAZDA 626                                                                                                                                   1YVGE22C5T5570967

2008 CHEVROLET COBALT                                                                                                                 1G1AL18F287154117

2001 DODGE CARAVAN                                                                                                                       2B4GP44311R261356

2001 CHEVROLET LIUMINA                                                                                                                  2G1WL52J711260205

2002 MITSUBISHI GALANT                                                                                                                   4A3AA46G32E123503

1995 OLDSMOBILE 88                                                                                                                           1G3HN52K4S4834302

2000 DODGE NEON                                                                                                                              1B3ES46C9YD752925

2000 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                                          1N4DL01D4YC231560

1996 HYUNDAI ACCENT                                                                                                                     KMHVF14NXTU290143

1996 FORD ECONOLINE                                                                                                                      1FTJE34H9THA24746

1997 CHEVROLET CAVALIER                                                                                                              1G1JC1242VM145518

2000 MERCURY SABLE                                                                                                                        1MEFM55S7YA641821

1990 FORD CROWN VICTORIA                                                                                                          2FACP74F3LX155749

2003 LINCOLN LS                                                                                                                                  1LNHM87A83Y677271

2003 HONDA ACCORD                                                                                                                         1HGCM66813A079311

1992 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                                              1HGCB7677NA055763

2004 CHEVROLET IMPALA                                                                                                                 2G1WH52K849259578

1997 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                                              1HGEJ6226VL083560

1980 MONARK FIBERGLASS BOAT                                             VA 2852 BK                                    MAK51703M780

1978 SPORTMAN TRAILER                                                                                                                  C3334

1979 STEURY FIBERGLASS BOAT                                               VA 1822 AZ                                    SRC14550M79K

2000 LINCOLN LS                                                                                                                                  1LNHM86S3YY760981

1999 NISSAN MAXIMA                                                                                                                        JN1CA21D0XT209628

2002 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY                                                                                               2C4GP74L22R660993

2006 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS                                                                                                   2MHFM75V96X636407

2003 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE                                                                                                                  4A3AE75H13E102442

1999 LINCOLN NAVIGATOR                                                                                                              5LMRU27A7XLJ20935

1998 TOYOTA CAMRY                                                                                                                         4T1BG28K7WU336182

1994 TOYOTA TERCEL                                                                                                                        JT2EL43T4R0492211

1999 INFINITI I30                                                                                                                                  JNKCA21A1XT779798

2001 FORD F150                                                                                                                                      1FTRW08LX1KE01405

1996 TOYOTA 4RUNNER                                                                                                                     JT3GN86R7T0013910

2007 NISSAN 350Z                                                                                                                                 JN1BZ34EX7M553220

1999 LINCOLN TOWNCAR                                                                                                                  1LNFM82W3XY602140

2005 DODGE NEON                                                                                                                              1B3ES56C35D129561

2001 CADILLAC DEVILLE                                                                                                                  1G6KD54Y21U199673

1998 BUICK CENTURY                                                                                                                         2G4WS52M2W1426573

2003 SATURN VUE                                                                                                                                5GZCZ63BX3S878030

2000 BUICK LESABRE                                                                                                                          1G4HR54K3YU123681

2006 NISSAN SENTRA                                                                                                                          3N1CB51D96L632337

2001 HONDA CIVIC                                                                                                                               1HGEM227X1L020757

2003 LINCOLN LS                                                                                                                                  1LNHM87A33Y675508

2001 MERCEDES ML320                                                                                                                       4JGAB54E21A250722

1998 BMW 528I                                                                                                                                       WBADD6328WBW39128

2003 JEEP CHEROKEE                                                                                                                          1J4GW48S83C616682

2003 CADILLAC DEVILLE                                                                                                                        1G6KD54Y03U232253

2006 FORD EXPLORER                                                                                                                         1FMEU63E46UA74314

2002 NISSAN MAXIMA                                                                                                                            JN1DA31DX2T403974

2002 JEEP LIBERTY                                                                                                                               1J4GL58K32W338639

2001 DODGE RAM                                                                                                                                 3B7HC13Y21G228273

2004 DODGE DURANGO                                                                                                                     1D4HD58DX4F171453

2003 FORD WINDSTAR                                                                                                                        2FMDA50403BB19339

2005 CHEVROLET UPLANDER                                                                                                           1GNDV23L45D280615

2006 FORD FREESTYLE                                                                                                                        1FMZK03126GA38489

2002 TOYOTA AVALON                                                                                                                      4T1BF28B52U197716

2009 NISSAN ALTIMA                                                                                                                          1N4AA51E69C823526

2007 CHEVROLET MALIBU                                                                                                                1G1ZT58N87F178055

2010 KIA SOUL                                                                                                                                      KNDJT2A29A7054946

2010 CHEVROLET MALIBU                                                                                                                1G1ZD5EB7A4145901

2015 CHRYSLER 200                                                                                                                              1C3CCCAB7FN713158